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2013 First Term Exam Result Declared...

29th Lower TCV Anniversary ----------------------------------------------------------10th Oct 2013

10th October is the founding day of Tibetan Children Village School Lower Dharamsala and is celebrated as school’s Athletic Meet Day. The Chief Guest for the event was the most Honourable Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Singay of Tibetan Govt. in Exile. Following the schedule of the Chief Guest we had to alter in the program of our school a little. Most of the events were previously decided on 5th & 8th October.
On the very day of this year the weather was not very unpredictable. And the ground was also not very enjoyable because of the previous day shower. However the participants did their best and we were kept nail biting throughout the program. The spellbinding March Pass was followed by the welcome speech of the school Principal and the speech by the Chief Guest. The actual game began at 11.30 a.m.
At 12 p.m. the Chief Guest was escorted to the exhibition where he along with other guests observed the works of students displayed in the form of painting, science models, Tibetan handwriting and puppets. After that following his tight schedule, he left our school but the program continued.
After the lunch, the most exciting event of the day began – Relay followed by medley and invitation relay. As there is always winners and losers in all the competitions, this year we have the same house that’s Machu House as the Champion House.

Lower TCV Idol Night--------------------------------------------------------------------10th Oct 2013

After athletic meet was finished and the dinner was over students gathered in the school hall to enjoy another most waited moment of the year – Lower TCV Idol. Talent hunt has become one of the common programs of TCV Schools. Both staff and students enjoy it with high spirit. The event was anchored by Master Lhakpa Dhondup lak, Tibetan teacher. 
This year there were seven students had qualified for the final after passing through audition and elimination round. Among the seven finalists, the program started with a group song sung by the participants taken from the TCV Golden Jubilee song. In the second level there was solo performance by participants to sing traditional Tibetan opera.
The third round was the most stimulating where contestants sang the song of their choice. All the staff and students enjoyed this round. The Principal gave feedback on program and appreciated the people who worked behind the stage. He also gave prizes to Ms. Yang Dolma the winner of the Idol followed by Ms. Tenzin Dolma and Master Tenzin Pema as first and second runners up.

Senior Spelling Bee-------------------------------------------------------------------------1st Oct 2013

After the battle of many spelling tests and dictations during English period, fifty students ranging from class VII to X participated in the grand finale of senior English Spelling Bee of 2013

The event was categorized in five levels; easy, average, difficult, very difficult and championship round. The conveners were Mrs. Tsolha and Mrs. Tsewang Dolma lak and the host was Mr. Pempa Tsering lak. The event went very smoothly and in the end three students from Class X; Tenzin Pema, Tenzin Dorjee and Tenzin Norbu contested for the final.

In the end Master Tenzin Dorjee of Class X was declared the winner of the 2013 Senior English Spelling Bee followed by Ms. Tenzin Pema and Master Tenzin Norbu. The Principal distributed the prizes to the students.

Marathon --------------------------------------------------------------------------27th & 28th Sep 2013

Today is the day when forty marathoners from four houses would do their best to earn maximum points to their respective houses. Heart beat was faster than usual as the students were all around the stadium and school buildings.
Girls’ competition was on the first day and it started earlier than usual at 7 p.m. in the morning. There were two divisions; senior and inter and junior and sub-junior. Ms. Tenzin Tsomo of Kyichu House got first position in the big girls division and Ms. Tenzin Nyidon of Machu House got first position in the latter group.
The next, day in boys’ marathon Master Lobsang Samdup of Drichu House got first position in senior and inter boys’ division and Master Tenzin Choedar of Machu House got first position in the junior and sub-junior division. Although it was very exciting and went very well, one girl and one boy could not make it to the finishing line.

TIPA Show at School ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16th Sep 2013

In the late afternoon Tibetan artists from TIPA (Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts) came to school to perform skits based on the theme of the importance of Tibetan languae.

In the first drama there were two Tibetan men a drunkard and a sober. They talk about the moral values and the importance Tibetan language over English. While in the second skit the theme is set in Tibet where Tibetan language is being marginalized under the Chinese hardliners resulting in the outburst of Tibetan students and dramatic flight across the Himalayas to reach India.

Students as well as staff enjoyed and received very important message through their performance.

Junior English Spelling Bee -----------------------------------------------------------------------20th Sept 2013

On 20th September 2013 the much awaited event of the year, Junior English Spelling Bee as conducted. Top six spellers from class IV to VI participated in the contest. In Total, there ware thirty six contestants.
The pronouncers were English Teachers, Mrs. Phuntsok Dolkar and Mrs. Tenzin Tsolha. The organiser was as always Mrs. Tsering Dolma.
In the contest the contestants did very well as they could even spell out words in the championship round. Finally Tenzin Dechen of class VI K won the event followed by Tenzin Yangdol of class V K(Second Position) and Tenzin Woedhen of class VI K got(third position). They were honoured with prizes and certificates by our assitant Headmaster, Mr. Wangchuk la. In all, the even as a grand success.

Senior English Debate -----------------------------------------------------------------------------6th Sept 2013

This year’s senior English Debate topic was’ That Children below 18 should not be Allowed Access to Social Network’. It was held on 6th September at 6 p.m. There were 6 teams in all. Two teams from each section of class X and two teams from class IX B and one team each from class IX K and IX D. The incharge of the debate was gen Pema Rhithar la. The chairperson of the debate was Master Tenzin Kunga la of IX B.
The winner of the debate was class X B. The best speaker from for the motion was Miss Tenzin Pema of class X B and best speaker against the motion was Miss Kunga Youtso of class X K. Feedback was given by gen Tsewang Dolma la and prizes certificates for the participants were also distributed by gen Tsewang Dolma la.

Lower TCV Premier Leagure------------------------------------------------------------------------------31st Aug 2013

Students’ Council of LTCV organized the football premier league for both boys and girls teams among six teams from boys and 4 teams from girls. The main over all arranger were the school captain Master Phuntsok Tsering la accompanied by prefect Kelsang Woeser la. The actual match began on 17th August and was played for 14 days till 31st August.      The teams which qualified for the finals were; All Star FC and Lhasa United from boys’ team; and Khamo 8 and Gangnam United from girls team. The final match began a 2 p.m. in the middle of applauding spectators of both students and staff.
The winners from boys’ team was All Star FC and they won consecutively second time this year. From the girls team the trophy went to Khamo 8.

Riglam Contest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------30th Aug 2013

Senior Riglam contest was held on 30th August at 5.30 p.m. in school hall. The guest of honour was the first Geshema Kelsang Choedon lak. She was a born in Germany where she did her school and further studies. Unlike other times, this time the judges were three Tibetan girls who have been students of Tibetan Buddhism from Dialectic Institute at Mcload.
There were five teams from both class X and class IX and each team had two participants. The contest was very interesting. From class X Tenzin Tashi and Tenzin Pema were winners and from class IX Tenzin Tsephel and Sonam Choedon were winners. After the contest the two sections of class V gave presentation cum contest to the audience and after that, students of class nine debated with the school representative from class IX in Inter School Science dialectic contest.
After that the chief guest gave a very inspiring speech for students in Tibetan language. The contest ended with a word of thanks from the school head master.

Science Day ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------22th Aug 2013

This year our Science Day was postponed due to time shortage. Actually it was on 16th August but it was held on 22nd August. It was divided into two sessions; the morning and the evening sessions.
In the morning there was an exhibition at junior hall which was inaugurated by the school Principal with the students of class X K where students displayed the modals; working and non working with the help of their Science teachers.Students enjoyed it a lot as there were modals of hydro power plant, generator for motor, magnetic field, Boyles law, volcanoes and etc. Students learned a lot from this exhibition. In the morning students of senior classes watched it and in the afternoon the junior classes watched it.
Students also watched the exhibition organized by Library of Tibetan Work and Archive (LTWA) in Art Room where relation between science and Buddhism was presented with beautiful drawing and sketches in Tibetan styles to make us comprehend easily.
In the afternoon students enjoyed the Quiz organized by the Science Department.

Science Quiz-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------22th Aug 2013

In the afternoon session of the Science Day the Science Department of our school organized a Science Quiz for class IX & X. during the preliminary test there were more than 180 students out of which 8 best students were qualified. The best eight were made into four groups with two students in each.  The groups named as Leptons, Higgs Boson, Quarks and Guage Boson.
The most interesting moment of the quiz was the new round called ‘Hide ‘N’ Seek’. The audience enjoyed this round the most.
While the quiz was going on, there was extempore in which 6 students of class 10 came up on the stage and selected their topic from a bag. After five minutes they delivered their speech and Miss Tenzin Tsomo of class X K begged the 1st position.
In the quiz the winner was Laptons with 110 points. School Principal Mr. Chemi Lhundup lak gave feedback and distributed the prizes for the winners and certificates to the

Resource Talk -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7th Aug 2013

The resource person of the day was Mrs Dolkar Wangmo, counselor of the Department of Education. She gave talk on how to study effectively and make time table for students to study.
The resource person talked on the need of following five topics: Motivation, Time Management, Scanning, Rewarding Yourself and Proper Environment.
Her talk helped many students to overcome the confusions they have in relation to improve their performances. Students learned how to manage their time; their study skills; and selection of a suitable environment.
Although there were some problems with the laptop and the power point, the talk went well and students learned a lot from her.

Independence Day -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15th Aug 2013

In the gratitude to honour the Independence Day of India, the Independence day was celebrated in the school hall on 15th August.
The main attraction of the day was the poetry recitation organized by Hindi Madam Mrs. Monika. Local Indians around the school were the guest of the day. Poems were recited by seven sections of class VI, VII and VIII. They were judged by Mrs. Tenzin Kelsang, Mr. Pempa Tsering and Ms. Shelja Thakur.
After the end of exciting and entertaining contest, Ms. Shelja Thakur gave the comment on the contest and the participants. And themes of the poems varied from patriotic to humorous and satire. And audience enjoyed a lot. The winner of the contest was class VII K and they received their prize from the guest.

Talent Nite--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6th July 2013

Talent Night is one of the most entertaining shows of students in school. There were lots of students who wanted to participate in it but most them were unfortunately not selected in it. Only ten finalists were selected for the actual day. The coordinator of the program was Gen Wanghuk lak. And the program was organized by school captains and prefects. The participants were judged by the dance and music teachers, Mrs. Pempa Dolma Lak and Mr. Tenzin Tselak Lak and Mr. Pempa Tsering Lak.
At the end of the program, the first prize was awarded to Miss Tenzin Choedon of Class VIII – D for her song titled ‘Rangzen’. Followed by Ms. Jamphel Choezom of Class X – B for her song ‘Just give me a reason’. And the third prize was awarded to Miss Tenzin Dolma and Miss Jamphel Choezom for there Tibetan song. The prizes were awarded by the school Head Master.  

Inter-House Cultural Competition------------------------------------------------------------------29th May 2013

 Inter-House Cultural Competition is one of the biggest and most happening events that all T.C.V. schools have been holding a great importance to, as this event flashes the picture of rich Tibetan Culture and Tradition. The programme gives an immense pleasure and experience to both participants and the onlookers.

This year the houses had a different version of cultural competition, i.e. Tibetan Opera competition on the legendry story called ‘PEMA WODBAR’. The opera was played in four different parts, a part played by each house. The guest of Honour was Professor Samdong Rinpoche la (former Prime Minister). The school was also blessed for having abbot of Nachung Monastery and many important guests from CTA and TCV School.

Under the gracious and fair judgment by the three judges, Machu House owned that night by scoring 9.5 on 15 followed by Kyichu, Drichu and Zachu. However, the show would not have happened and become so successful if all the house competitors were not guided by the ever helpful and grateful dance teachers from TIPA. So, taking this opportunity, we would really like to pay our heartfelt thanks to all of them and to everybody who have contributed their precious time and energy for making the event mesmerizing and eventful.

Tibetan Etiquette Contest---------------------------------------------------------------------------13th May 2013

 The school wide project of the year 2013 is to inculcate good manner in our students. Tibetan etiquette is one of them. And to accomplish this in our students every Sunday our students practiced learning Tibetan Etiquette for an hour or so. And we do believe that this project did help our students in improving their speaking skills.

On 13th May of this year the Etiquette Contest was held on 13th May during the 6th period. There were three homes and three hostels to participate in the contest and they had to cross three levels. Students from their respective were called on stage after draw of their names. The hall was full of excitement because no one knew who is going to be called.

During the first two rounds girl’s hostel was leading all. But in the third round which was the rapid fire round, Home no. seven came up as the champion. It was a tough competition and everybody enjoyed and learned a lot. And everybody enjoyed and learned a lot from it.

Earth Day Quiz-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------27th April 2013

 Usually every year on 22nd April our school celebrates Earth Day with quiz contest related to earth and participants are from class six, seven and eight of middle section. However this year the sciences quiz was held on 27th April.
This year science department created a new round ‘Have Your Say’ for which students has to express their views/thoughts on a question. The quiz started at 11.15 and ended at 12.10. In the end when the result was declared team B represented by Tenzin Passang, Kunga Tsephel and Tenzin Kunphel were declared as winner.

Magic Show---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------23rd April 2013

 On 23rd April 2013, at 5.30 pm, the Magic show began at school hall with three Indian men and a Tibetan helper. The main magician was popular UP and was known as Samrat Verma. He had performed in Television before.
After his brief introduction he showed us some magic tricks like burning newspaper and money coming out of it. He also invited our school heads and by reading their minds he revealed what they had in their breakfast and how much money they had in their pockets etc.
In the middle of the Tibetan man sang some beautiful Tibetan and Hindi songs.

An Interview with the Headmasters --------------------------------------------------------------20th April 2013

TCV Suja Headmaster 

Q. What is your feeling about our school?
A. I’m very pleased with the school campus. It is very good.
Q. What different did you find between our school and your school?
A. I cannot say much about that because our students there at Suja are much grown up they are much matured and almost ninety percent of the students are from Tibet. Since they have lived and gone through hard experiences under Chinese rule they have not yet forgotten the Chinese wrath.
Q. Sir you did watch our students’ notebooks, what is your opinion about it?
A. My main aim for checking your note book was to check the content of your writings rather than the handwritings. I was rather looking at your usage of about Tibetan language and knowledge about it.
Q. What is your advice for our students?
A. I think the students need to think about Tibet’s situation; especially about religion and Tibetans in Tibet in their leisure times. You should also do your studies on time with full perseverance.

TCV Majnu ka tila Headmaster

Q. Sir what difference did you find between you’re your school and our school?

A. In Lower TCV you have lots of activities and program and they make children active and healthier. I especially like your art room very much. I see many of your staffs are very experienced.
Q. Do you have any advice for our students?
A. As I was observing you from your corridors during your reading period, most of the students were reading English story books. I hardly saw any students reading Tibetan books. So I request to you students that Tibetan is more important than any other languages for us because we are Tibetan. Besides reading Tibetan books I want you to concentrate on Tibetan culture also.

The TCV Education Director’s talk with students---------------------------------------------19th April 2013

 Mrs. Sonam Dolkar, the Education Director of TCV who was an ex Principal of LTCV came to our school on 19th April. She talked with students on important issues. Madam was alone with us, class IX and X students and we were free to talk. The gathering was for one hour at school hall.

As students were talking students realized that she was a good listener. At the end of the meeting she promised that she will look into the suggestion put up by the students. And students did notice that madam was true to her word as many of the suggestions were implemented immediately.

A Visit by authors---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14th April 2013

 On 14th April two Indian guests Mr. Manas Rancham Mahapatra and Dr. Shekar Sarkar from National Book Trust (NBT) visited our school. The trust is under the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India. The aim of their school was to inculcate reading habit in students.

During the third period classes from VI to X assembled in the school hall. To create interest among students for reading books they did somev activities. Like quiz story telling by students and etc. In order to encourage students they presented all the participants with books.

Our children gained lots of knowledge about books and in the end the assistant to the Head master presented them with a scarf.

Class IX and X Tibetan Extempore-----------------------------------------------------------------12th April 2013

 This year there was a new program called Extempore in Tibetan and English in our school diary for class IX and X. On this day it was Tibetan Extempore. Prior to the event students in class were explained about the rules and regulations of the program.

As explained in class, on the actual day one students from each class was chosen randomly. Total of five students were there in one round. These students had to choose a topic on the spot on the stage. Each participant were given 2 minutes to prepare their talk and had to speak for two minutes. Because of shortage of time we had only three rounds. The marks given by the judges were evaluated and Tenzin Tsomo of 10K got the first position followed by Tenzin Zompa and Tenzin Pema of 10B as second and third position.

This is a new event with lots of excitement and we see students sure have room for improvement. Students in future will improve a lot.

Class IX and X at Truind Top---------------------------------------------------------------------4th-5th April 2013

 Every year students of class IX and X are escorted to the hill top of Truind by some teachers. The purpose of such trip is to teach students self reliance and to inculcate love for nature and natural environment. This track is also a part of our extracurricular activities in which teachers grade students performances based on helpfulness and endurance, planning and organization, environment awareness and team work and responsibility as per accordance with the CCE of CBSE.

This year the dates for this jaunt was set on 4th of April for two sections of class X and 5th of April for three sections of class X. Altogether there 163 students and 7 teachers made it to Triund. Students were given briefing by their class teachers about things to do and not to do, and being responsible for themselves and our own garbage.

On the top of the hill students made their own food in their groups. They served their teachers with whatever they made. Later teachers took interested students to higher places where they could enjoy in snow games. After staying for one night at Truind students had their self prepared breakfast and lunch there and came back safely without any problems.

Girl’s football between TCV Lower and TCV Gopalpur-------------------------------------4th April 2013

 On 4th April a foot ball match was organized between the girl’s team of TCV Lower and TCV Gopalpur. The match started at 2.30 pm. All the students had great hope on our school team because they had been getting intensive training under an experienced coach for the past few weeks. In spite of giving tough fight to TCV Gopalpur our team lost in the end.

Earth Quake Mock Drill in L.T.C.V School: ---------------------------------------------------- 4th April 2013

 As Himachal Pradesh has its infamous history of destruction faced due to one of the major natural calamities; earthquake, killing so many people and loss of property in the year 1905, and our School being located in the earthquake prone region, an Earth Quake Mock Drill is done every year with great importance on the stated date. The prime responsibility was taken by school disaster management committee. The disaster management committee pasted a lot of instructions manual about earthquake and how to prevent oneself from getting hurt during such disaster on the school notice board prior the D-Day. On the very day, the school assistant Headmaster gave clear instructions to the students as what to do on the day. In the middle of second period, a ring of bell was given to make everyone alert and do DROP, COVER AND HOLD-ON. With the ring of second bell students came out of their classes and took the stairs as directed in the morning to avoid rush. In a few minutes everyone gathered on the playground and stood near the nameplates written on the wall for each class.
 Writing of nameplates for each class was a new innovation in the school. This was to give easy direction to students as to where to stand after running out of their class rooms and for easy roll calls.   Later, the rescue team went in search for casualties. Next, the First aid team helped the injured victims to get the basic aid and minimize the loss of lives during such rampage. Finally, everybody dispersed for break.

Parents Day -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5th March 2013

On 5th march, the school celebrated the Parent's Day in the memory of Dickyi Tsering, the great mother of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The chief guest of the day was the honourable Principal of the College for Higher Tibetan Studies Sarah Geshe Jampel Dakpa. 
The function began with offering butter lamp to the portrait of late Dickyi Tsering followed by scarf ceremony. In his speech the honourable Chief Guest talked about the gratefulness of parents especially of mother to a child. How a mother nurture her kids before and after his birth. Although he talked almost for two hours, students remained enthusiastic throughout the talk and learned many valuable lessons. Parents and teachers who were present on the day were also baffled by his speech.

Opening Ceremony---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st March 2013

The school reopened on 1st of March. The Opening Ceremony Function was held in the school assembly hall at 9:30 am. Mr. Tsewang Yeshi la the Director of TCV organization was the Chief Guest on this auspicious occasion. The program began with the school band playing TCV song with the assembly. After that our school principal Mr. Chemi Lhundup welcomed the staff and students in his speech. He briefed the last year's report and gave high lights of the upcoming academic year 2013. At 10:30 prizes were distributed by the Chief Guest to those students who secured distinction in their classes. After that he gave speech to students and staff about the importance and the need of improvement in academic field of school to raise the standard of our school. After that Mr. Tsultrim Kelsang la, the headmaster concluded the ceremony by extending vote of thanks to everyone present in the assembly. And the function ended at 12:00 am.

Second Term Exam Result Declared-2012...............

2012 First Term Exam Result Declared...

Dear Parents and Guardians!!!There is a change in Fee Collection.
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Second Term Exam Time Table for IX and X-------------WISHING YOU GOOD LUCK

Tuesday 11th December 2012 Science 086 X
Tuesday 11th December 2012 Social 087 IX
Thursday 13th December 2012 Tibetan 017 X
Thursday 13th December 2012 English Communicative 101 IX
Saturday 15th December 2012 Social Science 087 X
Saturday 15th December 2012 Mathematics 041 IX
Monday 17th December 2012 English 101 X
Monday 17th December 2012 Tibetan 017 IX
Wednesday 19th December 2012 Mathematics 041 X
Wednesday 19th December 2012 Science 086 IX
Friday 21st December 2012 Foundation of IT165X
Friday 21st December 2012 Foundation of IT165IX

Second Term Exam From III to VIII----------------------------------------Best Of Luck

Class 17th Dec 2012 18th Dec 2012 19th Dec 2012 20th Dec 2012 21st Dec 2012 22nd Dec 2012
VIII Maths English Tibetan Social Science Hindi
VII Tibetan Hindi Science Maths English Social
VIEnglish Social Maths Tibetan Hindi Science

Children day Celebrated, with the commemoration of Tibetan Martyrs----Wednesday, 14th November

Children’s day is special day for the children. Universally, Children’s Day is celebrated on 20th November, every year as declared by the United Nations in 1954. But in India it is celebrated on 14th November, because the date marks the birth anniversary of India’s first Prime Minister – Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. As a tribute to Nehru and his love for children, Children’s Day is celebrated on his birth date. This day reminds to each and every one of us, to renew our commitment to the welfare of children and teach them to live by their Chacha Nehru’s quality and dream.

In our school this year the day was celebrated without much elaboration so as to show our solidarity for the Tibetan martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the cause of Tibet. In the morning students and staff gathered in the school hall. Students were addressed on the importance of the day by Mr. Kelsang Phuntsok La, our Maths teacher, Mr. Passang La our social science teacher and our home mother Ani Knahdo La. As soon as the program in the hall finished, traditional Indian sweets were distributed to the students. And in the mean time before lunch a basketball match and a football match was organized between students and staff of the school. Students were served special lunch.

Students usually have a high expectation of the evening program as they know their teachers would perform on the stage and make them laugh their heart out. But to the disappointment of the students, their expectation couldn’t materialize. The teachers keeping in the mind the critical situation prevalent in Tibet presented some items which commemorates the selfless sacrifices of the Tibetan martyrs. Tibetan teachers recited poems dedicated to the martyrs and offered butter lamps. Rest of the teachers introduced some of the martyrs who immolated themselves in sort of dramatic enactment and at the end of it there was a depiction of candle light vigil, offering of candles and white scarf to the pictures of the martyrs and saying prayers. The school Captain Padma Chuskit gave a thank you speech at the end of the program. She said that like everybody she too expected a lot of colorful presentations from the teachers but the presentation that teachers gave was all about the martyrs who gave more importance to the cause of Tibet than their life and offered themselves to the fire. She remarked that the teachers presentations left a strong imprint on their mind and promised to put more efforts in their studies and do their duties properly.

Lower TCV came out victorious in under 15 foot ball tournament held in TCV Chauntra Saturday, 10th November

To promote football in Tibetan society and also to encourage cooperation and friendship among students, TNSA (Tibetan National Sports Association) organized a football event in TCV Chauntra. Six Schools under TCV and one School from CST school took part in this tournament.

Thirteen players (school’s under 15 football team) from our school set off to the destination escorted by our PT instructor Mr. Tsering La in the evening on Friday with a great spirit. On the day one, Saturday, our school played our first match in the morning with TCV upper and we won with the score 3/0. In the afternoon the school played its second match with TCV Suja and our school won once again. The score was 4/3 and this victory put our school in the final match to be played the next day, on Sunday. The two teams qualified for the final match was TCV Lower and TCV Chauntra. It was a crowd puller. There were a number of student spectators as well as teachers, staff and some parents who turned up to witness the spectacle. As the match was being played on TCV Chauntra’s home ground, our team had a bit of a tough time with the crowd but they were highly encouraged and confident because of their two previous victory. It was a very tough match for both the teams as they were both equally skilled and at the end when the referee blew the whistle to end the game both the team had a leveled score. Ten minutes of extra time was allotted to decide the game but it remained unresolved. So finally it was penalty shoot that decided the game and lower TCV was pleasantly surprised to come out as the winner of the tournament.

Our PT Sir has all the good things to say about the way the students played as a team and how they put all their efforts in bringing our school this title. The next day in the school hall the trophy was once again handed over to the team by the Headmaster and everybody welcomed it with a great applause.

FIRST AID----------------------------------------------------7th and 8th November

First Aid is very important in everyone’s life. We all will need First Aid at one moment or the other in our lives. So, it is very essential to have some basic knowledge about First Aid. Our school has first aid program in the life skill period. This program was introduced 4 years ago. In the beginning, the teacher in charge used to train students by taking reference materials from Internet and also took help from our school nurse from time to time. Then in the year 2010, a team of First Aid trainees from St. John Ambulance, Cymru –Wales, led by Mr. Desmond Kitto visited our school and we were given Orientation on First Aid. This was very helpful and gave us wide knowledge on First Aid. All the students of class IX and X got First Aid training and they also trained the entire home mother in their earlier visit.

On 7th and 8th of November 2012, a team of First Aid Group from St. John Ambulance, Cymru – Wales again visited our school and trained all the students of class IX and X and the students in the First Aid Life Skill program this year. Two years back they donated some dummies and resource materials for our school to practice and learn about first aid. This year they donated Rs. 13000 and a big dummy in order to run First Aid life skill program in the school. Their visit and the Orientation Programme is very helpful and useful for us to know more and also clarify our doubts on First aid. We all remain grateful and indebted to them for their selfless service. Every year different groups of students learn about First Aid. It really benefits and enriches one’s knowledge on first Aid. Remember HEALTH IS WEALTH.

Junior English Debate-That Junk Food Should be banned in TCV Schools------Wednesday,7th November

Tibetans have a saying which says, “Kha depo mie kyi ponpo and lak dhepo mie kyi yokpo”. Roughly it meant that an orator is a leader in a society while one with skilful hand is at its service. So in-order for our students to speak well and to be an orator, the school offers our students a lot of such opportunities in which they can take part and learn to be a great speaker. This evening in the school hall, the year’s 2012 Junior English debate was held on this burning issue “That Junk Food Should be banned from TCV Schools.” The topic for this English Debate was collectively decided by the teachers of the English Department after a short meeting.

Eight sections from class VI to VIII participated in this English Debate speaking for and against the motion. The students were informed of the topic to be debated by their English Teachers a month back and they prepared their argument themselves with a little help from their subject teachers. They thought that it was an easy topic to be debated and some inquisitive students asked some teachers if the junk food will be banned indeed from the school if the motion wins the argument. Each class was represented by three students, the firs gave an introduction to the topic, the second gave the general argument of the issue and the third students gave the concluding part of their argument. Most of those who spoke in favor of the motion said that the junk food should be banned as it causes obesity, deprives students of their power to concentrate and that it pollutes our environment with its empty packets. And those who spoke against the motion argued that the three times meal of the day is not sufficient for the insatiable appetite of the students as they grow up and that if the junk food is banned, the students urge to have junk food will increase and also that everybody should have the freedom to eat what they desire. There were lots of interesting points that students have made. There were also some who seems to be worried about the fund which the school receives from the school canteen and the tuck shop if it was ever banned. The debating event was judged by Mr. Lektsok La, the school councilor, Mrs. Phuntsok Dolkar La and Mrs. Tenzin Tsola La our English Teachers.

At the end of the debate, a great number of students rose up to voice their views but only few were entertained because of time constrain. The best speaker from the motion was won by Tenzin Dickyi of class VIIIB and the best speaker of against the motion was won by Tenzin Tseyang of Class VIB.

Senior English Quiz Contest Held-----------------------------------Friday, 26th October

As every year this year too the Senior English Quiz Contest was held as per the School Diary under the organisation of our English Teachers Mrs. Tsewang Dolma La and Mr. Pempa Tsering La. The quiz contest aims to inculcate among students a general sense and understanding of the language and to boost students’ confidence and knowledge. Because of a large number of students wanting to participate in the contest, the organiser held a preliminary general knowledge test for the students from class IX and X and those students who obtained the requisite marks were qualified for the Senior English Quiz Contest.

There were six teams namely A,B, C, D, E and F with two students in each. The organiser used a nicely prepared power point to do the contest. A total of six rounds summed up this quiz contest-Book and authors, poetic device, general knowledge, audio-visuals, proverbs and riddles and finally the rapid fire round. The students on the stage and on the floor thoroughly enjoyed the contest and sometimes because of too much indulgence of the audience in the contest, they murmured the answer and the organiser had to hush them up.

At the end of the sixth round on the score board, it showed team ‘F’ with the maximum marks of 160 and team ‘A’ with the minimum marks of 80. School Principal presented the trophy to the winning team and distributed the certificates to the participants.

Open Tibetan Quiz Contest Conducted-------------------Friday, 19th October

This evening during the self study, Open Tibetan quiz contest was held in the school hall. The students from class VI to X made their presence and witnessed the program. Our Tibetan teachers Mr.Tsering Kumphel la and Mrs. Kelsang Dickyi la organised the quiz contest. Before the appointed day, the topic for the test was announced by the respective teachers. Some days later it was followed by a preliminary test in which students from class VII to X took part and finally a batch of twelve students were selected who were later paired into a group of six teams by drawing lots. The teams were named Jinpa, Tsundue, Soepa, Tsultrim, Samten and Sherab. The contest was made up of six different rounds. They were Tibet News, Tibetan culture and tradition, Religion, Tibetan Grammar, Audio Visuals and the Structure of Tibetan Government in exile.

The Open Tibetan Quiz Contest of year 2012 was won by a team called Jinpa comprised of two students namely kunsel from class XK and Woesar from IXK. In the second place we have a team called Tsundue which was teamed by Jangchup from Class XK and Tsetan from XK. The students on the floor enjoyed the contest and they remain composed and concentrated throughout the contest and many of them seemed to have wished they were there too. The school regularly organises such events in the school and provide platform for students’ creativity with the purpose of developing students’ self- confidence and to bring their concentration in learning.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration--------------------------------------------------Tuesday, 2nd Oct.

On October 2, 2012, the English and the social committee have organized the Gandhi Janyanti Day in the school. The students of above six grades went out of the school campus to clean the main market and the streets of Kotwali Bazaar taking the spirit of great freedom fighter Gandhi ji.

The Social science Department of the school organized social service program on 2nd of October, 2012 to pay gratitude to Gandhi. The students of class V to X participated in the cleaning campaign and clean up different places from our school campus through Khanyara road and from the main bazaar to Gandhi Chowk. All the students from class 6th to 10th gathered at the Gandhi Chowk and prayed for the world peace and for our brave martyrs. In the evening, the English committee arranged a declamation contest on the philosophy of Gandhi Ji - “Non-violence is the best Policy “

1. Miss. Tenzin Dekyong Class XK
2. Miss. Tenzin Dasang Class X B
3. Master Tsering Sonam Class IX K
4. Master Tenzin Dorjee Class IX K
The winner of the contest was Miss. Tenzin Dekong of X K .

Resource talk on ‘Alternative disciplinary strategy’:--------------------- 17th Sept.

"The above topic has been one of the most discussed topics in all T.C.V. Schools since many years. Corporal punishments were banned by our institute as it hinders the natural growth of our children. Both Administration and teaching departments tried their best in bringing constant changes in dealing with students. Yet, there is no end to improve further and give a holistic education to our students. So today we had a resource talk on ‘Alternative Disciplinary Strategy’ which was organized by Office of Education Director, T.C.V. SCHOOL.

Mrs. Dolkar Wangmo la ( Counsellor,Deptt. Of Education) and Mr. Vinay Sharma( Lawyer) gave an enlightening talk which proved a great help for all the people in our school who has to deal with children. Mrs. Dolkar Wangmo la highlighted ways to understand children’s behavior at different ages. She directed the staff about how to differentiate between attention seekers and children with real problems and how to deal with such issues without harming the child; mentally or physically. She further suggested alternative disciplinary strategies like teaching students the importance of self discipline, chance to correct self, helping children in developing the skill of critical thinking, how teacher must be an active listener, giving more of positive reinforcement than negative feedback and that teachers or any staff dealing with students should be very clear and consistent about what they wish students to do or not to do by explaining rationality behind it. She also made it crystal clear that Democracy is freedom with discipline and so children must not misunderstand the alternative disciplinary strategy and start taking advantage of it. She also threw lights on how teachers should prepare themselves for a class. It was an eye opening experience and boosted more confidence in our hearts. Mr. Vinay Sharma enlightened us about the role of Indian court and law against corporal punishment and how children related people should deal with it. And at the same time he believed in teachers and staff capabilities as an elder person in directing our young students. The biggest plus point was that Mr. Sharma spoke to us in pure Tibetan language that made all the staff easy to understanding the language of law . On the whole, everybody felt it very positive and constructive and wished to have more such talks and workshops. After all, children should benefit the most. Senior Tibetan Debate: 21st Sept. This year’s Senior Tibetan Debate topic was ‘that self immolation for the cause one’s nation is not violence.’ The competition held between class ninth and tenth students. The event moderator was Master Tenzin Choglang of 10th B. The show judges were Gen. Kelsang Dikyi la, Gen. Ngwang Jinpa la nad Gen. Tenzin Choedon la. All the debaters pointed out their own opinion on the topic very sensibly. Far better, the competitors did very well in rebuttal session. Audience that ranged from class 6th and above also took a keen participation and shared their own ideas and wisdom at their level.

However, every competition must end with a winner and thus,Miss. Tenzin Saldon of 10th B from proposition and Miss. Tenzin Dolkar of 9th K from opposition stole the limelight by standing first in individual category and over all winning team was class 9th B as usual. The event then followed a very constructive feedback from Gen. Kelsang Dickyi la( one of the judges) and prize distribution to the today’s show stoppers.

Senior English Spelling Bee: 15th Sept.

Senior English spelling bee is the ultimate battle that selected students have to fight after winning over their classmates in mini spelling bee contests in their classrooms. Only fifty selected students have got this golden opportunity to prove themselves the best speller! Their subject teachers toiled greatly in making them perfect in this competition. All Students from class 7th to 10th standard have participated and readied themselves for the big day but only fifty students got selected and sat for the final spelling bee competition year 2012. The event pronouncers were Gen. Tenzin Kelsang la and Gen. Bhunchung la. The show host was Gen. Tenzin Tsolha.

The event host arranged the staging and places for the fifty contestants by giving them number plates so that they could be easily called in sequence. The pronouncers have prepared three hundred words categorized as Easy, Average, Difficult and Championship round. The contestants were made very clear about the general rules and regulations of the contest and use of lifeline to spell a word correctly. The contest then began and contestants started to diminish from the stage as the competition processed. At the end, Miss. Tenzin Pema from class 9th B became the spelling bee champ of year 2012, senior category. The honourable school Principal was then requested on the dice to give away the prizes to the most deserving competitor of today’s event that made the hall echo with pride and appreciation for today’s champ!

Junior Spelling Bee:------------------------------------------------------- 14th Sept.

This year, English teachers of junior Section did a new innovation by introducing series of Roald Dhal’s book to primary level and Students always had five new words taught by their respective subject teachers on flash cards. Teachers then conducted internal spelling bee contests in the classroom to select contestants for the final Junior English Spelling Bee contest. So today’s contest is a result of many months of hard work of students and teachers. For this great day, forty two students from class 4th and 5th got selected. Gen. Tsewang Dolma la and Gen. Phutsok Dolkar la were the pronouncers for the event. The event organizer was Gen Tsering Dolma la as always

However, this year Gen.Tsewang Dolma la burnt the midnight oil to present the contest on power point. The audience highly appreciated the innovation and enjoyed watching it. In total, the contestants had six rounds but in the final, master Tenzin Dekyong of class 5th K proved the best speller of year 2012. She was awarded the best speller award by our school Head master Gen Tsultrim Kelsang la. In a nutshell, the event was a great success!

Staff Day:--------------------------------------------------------------- 5th September

In T.C.V. Institute, the day is commonly known as Staff Day because the institution is a big family under whose aegis our children bloom to a perfect and strong citizen. This year the day coincided with LHAKAR. The day sailed with a formal function in school hall at 9.00 a.m. which was aesthetically festooned with balloons and colorful ribbons. Master Tophey la (school prefect) introduced the day and declared its importance. Gen. Pasang Tsering la (senior S.S.T. teacher) gave speech on behalf of all teaching staff and Gen. Gangtso Dolma la gave a speech on behalf of home mothers. Their speech highlighted about good manners, gratitude towards their teachers and staff, importance of enjoying school life in a right way and putting others before self in action.

At 11.a.m. students have prepared a small recreation followed by football and basketball matches between staff and children and of course our young and spirited children won both the matches. At 6.00 p.m. children invited all the staff for dinner in the hall. Students have also prepared some skits and own composed poem recitation. At the concluding day, our school Principal thanked on behalf of all teaching and non teaching staff for all love, dedication and hard work students have shown for the day and suggested students to do the same in their day to day life. The day then ended creating another momentous memory in everybody’s heart.

Democracy day:----------------------------------------------- 2nd September

This day is one of the best gifts we Tibetans in exile had ever received from H.H. the Dalai Lama. So to commemorate this very significant day, the central Tibetan administration organized the annual function at Tsuglakhang, Dharamsala. Our students from class 8th and above got this golden opportunity to participate in this auspicious and official ceremony. In the evening the school had group song competition from kindergarten to 5th standard, categorized differently. Class v k stood first and received appreciation award from our school Principal. The day ended meaningfully.

SENIOR ENGLISH DEBATE:------------------------------------------- Friday, 31st Aug.

The main aim of holding such competition is to train students’ mind in reasoning and using a lot of common sense. This also widens up student’s knowledge and approach about the particular topic. The competition cultivates confidence in students and improves their spoken English as well.

This year, the debate topic was ‘Self Immolation is the only way to resolve Tibet issue’. The competition was held between standard 9th and 10th. There were three contenders from each class as needed for debating. Students for the motion presented their views as first, second and third proposition. On the contrary, students against the motion argued as first, second and third opposition. The event judges were Mrs. Chemey Youdon la, Gen Kelsang Phuntsok la and Mrs. Tenzin Tsolha la. Every contestant did their best and especially the points which they have presented were very original and reasonable. The rebuttal session was the moment of judgment and even in that too students didn’t leave any opportunity. Nevertheless, Gen Kelsang Phuntsok la(the contest judge and senior math teacher) pointed out that the contenders should bring more gestures into their presentation to make it more powerful and convincing for the judges and the onlookers of their view on the topic.

As every competition must end with the righteous outcome, and thus tonight’s individual winners were Kunga Youtso(9th K) and Namgyal Wangchuk(10th K) speaking for and Jamphel Choezom (9th B) speaking against the motion. Yet, in the overall result, class 9th B took the winning trophy.

ENGLISH PROJECT DISPLAY:----------------------------------------- Friday, 31st Aug.

This event is a conscientious effort of a month by our students under their subject teacher’s guidance. It offers students a platform to explore their own artistry, interest and creativity and show it off on the D-Day. On the onset of the month, students were given different topics of their level by their concerned teachers, namely; Alphabetical sentence writing for 1st standard, Vowel sounds words collection for 2nd standard, Teacher’s day card writing for 3rd standard, Picture composition for 4th standard, Summery and moral story writing for 5th standard, Acrostic poem and Mind Mapping story writing for 6th standard, Articles and what if poem writing for 7th standard, Biography writing on great personalities and about their friends and Articles related to Tibet for 8th standard, Article writing, creative writing for 9th standard and Research and write about Tibet and its culture for 10th standard.

On the D-day, the school hall was prepared by English Department and allotted places for all the classes on the stage. The authority observed students’ project and appreciated their hard work and patted for their creativity as well. The English subject teachers then led the children to hall to observe and learn new things from the display to better their skill next time. The display of the project inculcated an immense mind opening experience to most of the students as they not only feel proud of their work but also learn about their peer’s skill and creativity. So in totality, the day proved very purposeful and educative.

HINDI POETRY RECITATION:-------------------------------------- Wednesday,15th Aug

Annually the school celebrates India’s Independence Day on 15th August as a mark of respect and gratitude to the great nation.

o mark the great history, we had a Hindi Poetry Recitation from class 6th to 8th in the evening in our school hall conducted by our Hindi teacher Mrs. Monika. The event impartial judges were Mrs. Tenzin Kelsang la, Mr. Penpa Tsering la and Mrs.Rashmi ji who also gave her profound ideas and feedback on student’s performance to increase its level next time. The selection of poems varied from serious and inspirational poems on hope like ‘Welcome to the new world’ to humorous poems like ‘you are a blub and I am a tube light’. The variation in the poems was enjoyed at the most by all in the audience.

The competition then reached its end and on the whole, class VI K students stole everybody’s attention and earned the first prize award.

PARENTS TEACHER MEETS:----------------------------------------------- Saturday, 11th Aug

Parents and teachers are the two support systems for a child’s overall growth and development, be it mentally or physically. And this meeting is accorded a great importance by the school management committee.

The authority coordinated the 2nd parents-teachers meeting on 11th Aug. after students’ S.A.1, which is observed as the right time to give and receive feedback on a ward’s performance in their respective fields. The management, staff and the parents first gathered in the school for a concise introduction and discussion about the day’s programme to make it serve its right purpose. Furthermore, many parents living nearby made their appearance for the event with great enthusiasm and showed a colossal care for their child’s education, which made the day more meaningful.

Unlike last year, a bit of change was brought this year as how to have the conclave between the two bodies. After a short report about the happenings and changes in the school from our school Principal and Headmaster, parents were directed to meet their ward’s class teacher one by one in their classroom so that each conversation about any ward becomes confidential and that other unrelated people don’t come to know of anybody’s ward’s weak performance. Other subject teachers were made available in the staff room if the parents wanted to canvass more about their children. The meeting then concluded with light refreshment for all the staff and parents. Most of the parents turned up very positive about meeting with the class teachers separately which attested that the day had served its purpose in the right sense.

Workshop on Writing Skills------------------------------Thursday, 2nd August

The school management Committee has invited a group of Tibetan writers in English to share their writing experience to the students of classes IX and X in the school hall. They were Bhuchung D.Sonam la,Tenzin Tsonduela and Tsering Wangmo la. They came to enlightened our students about writing skills and let them understand English language as a different ways of communication. Each resource person shared the ways of writing in English.

Bhuchung D. Sonam initially read out his two poems among the students like “A Fair dog and I am a dog” carrying a deep message of the current situations in Tibet. The latter poem addresses the concern of “Kilkudoe Earthquake and he gave reasons of becoming a writer in English. When he was in school , he could not a Tibetan writer, in English though there were a few writers and he felt that each individual has an ability to write and so he became one . Writing according to Tenzin Tsondue is a way to understand himself and it came out of two things. One was to understand his abject poverty – a poor family and other is a tool to fight back our freedom from the Chinese. In his school where his close ones told him how we lost our own country mostly by his step parents, teachers and others. He realized that he cannot stay permanently in India and at the same time he knew that writing or English is a power that the Chinese cannot stop, the power of education to fight against the Chinese. He wrote several poems relating to his own his culture.

Tsering Wangmo went to English School where she had to speak in English without Tibetan. They all gave a deep insight of this Language to Children and made them know about different genres and their tools like personifications, alliteration, metaphors and so on. Our children benefited greatly in discovering different ways of communications with their guidance and they worked together to pass their knowledge of writing poems, fiction and others. They fulfilled the need of our children who are curious to discover new areas of writing.

Lower TCV school passes over the ‘flame of truth’ to Sherab Gatsel Lobling-------Dated Sunday, 29th July

The greatest paradox of present Tibet issue is, the more the Chinese state tries to crush down the truth about Tibet issue, the more the Tibetan people, especially the younger generation is becoming firm to fight for their rightful ownership of Tibet. Some 46 martyrs have proved it to the world that for truth to shimmer out from the dark cloud, they can give out their soul and precious human life and make it heard everywhere that whatever they did was for the just cause of human rights in Tibet and for Tibet.

The Flame of truth that is being rallied around the Northern Tibetan settlement in India was handed over to our school by the Tibetans settling in Lower Dharamshala. In the afternoon the torch was received in the school by the staff and the students of the school dressed in their traditional attire. The welfare officer also made his presence on the occasion and he highlighted the students on the significance of today’s journey He said the flame of Truth signifinies the strong solidarity of Tibetans all around the world and that it was a salute to all the martyrs for their unconventional daring act of sacrifice for the authenticity of Tibet issue.. The next day, the teachers and the staff of the school prepared themselves to see off the flame of truth to Sherab Gatsel Lobling. They geared themselves up with Tibetan national flag and costumes and headed to SGL with the school jeep in front and an entourage of motorcycle at the back. Before we head off to the SGL, we rallied around Khanyara village. As we reached Sherab Gatsel Lobling, the adult students of the school were already waiting to receive the torch. There was a long queue of students and staff, each of whom were hoisting a national flag. The principal passed over the torch to the director of SGL and the reception centre. After raising slogans ‘victory to Tibet’ the torch was directed into the school hall of SGL. The torch was well received by the students and staff of the school.

The event though left our premises as a day follows the other day, yet it raised a lot of hopes and positive vibes in our hearts that truth shall prevail! HATS OFF TO ALL OUR MARTYRS!!

INTER-HOUSE CULTURAL COMPETITION:------------------- 4th July, 2012

IHCC is one of the biggest and most happening events that all T.C.V. schools have been holding a great importance to, as this event flashes the picture of rich Tibetan Culture and Tradition. The programme gives an immense pleasure and experience to both participants and the onlookers.

This year the houses had a different version of cultural competition, i.e. Tibetan Opera competition on the legendry story called ‘ NANGSA WOEBUM’. The opera was played in four different parts, a part played by each house. The event host was Gen Phurbu Dolma la, the profound show judges were Gen. Lobsang Samten la, Gen. Samten Dhundup la and Gen. Sonam Phuntsog (from TIPA) and under their gracious and fair judgment, Zachu House owned that night by scoring 13 on 15 followed by Kyichu, Machu and Drichu. The guest of Honour was Chitthue Pempa Tsering la (speaker, Member of Parliament, Central Tibetan Administration. The school was also blessed for having Gen Tsewang Yeshi la (President, Tibetan Children’s Village), Gen Lekshay Tenpa la (Admission officer TCV School), Gen Namdol Tashi la( Principal, U.T.C.V. school), Gen Phuntsok Tashi(Gopur Principal),Gen Tenzin Dorjee la ( Principal, Petoen School).

However, the show would not have happened and become so successful if all the house competitors were not guided by the ever helpful and grateful dance teachers from TIPA. So, taking this opportunity, we would really like to pay our heartfelt thanks to all of them and to everybody who have contributed their precious time and energy for making the event mesmerizing and eventful.


G.C.M.G.C is one of the most awaited sports events not only in T.C.V. schools but all over India where Tibetans dwell. It is taken with so much high spirit by both old and young. Reasons for this are, people’s love and remembrance of the unforgettable gratitude by the great mother of Tibet and simply their passion for the game.

This year our school was so honored to host quarter final matches on our school ground, teams were namely; Pokara, TCV United, Goa, Dalhousie, Shillong, Clementown, Gwalior, Chennai, Odisha and Pakshing ( Kathmandu) team. Among these, four teams could make it to the semi final and the lucky teams were Pokara, TCV United, Odisha and Phakshing(Kathmandu). The event was witnessed by Administrators from all TCV branch schools in Himachal, Director TCV Ladakh and almost one thousand five hundred public coming from different abodes in India and abroad. On the whole, the event was a great success and a matter of pride for our school.

Global Vote------10th May

Our School was one of the polling stations to cast vote for the World’s Children’s Prize. Members in our school already had some ideas about the Global Vote because few years back Ama Jetsun Pema Lak was also one of the nominees for Global Vote. Initially three English Teachers from our school were assigned to read in detail about the three nominees. On 10th May during the morning assembly first Gen Tenzin Kelsang Lak gave talk on, Sakena Yacoobi - one of the contestants from Afghanistan (Most Dangerous Country for Woman) about how she worked bravely under the inhospitable atmosphere of Taliban Regime; and differences she made in the innumerable lives of Afghan girls.

Next Gen Tsewang Dolma Lak gave talk on Anna Mollel from Northern Tanzania who dedicated more then twenty years of her life for the blind and handicapped children; and how she struggled in spite of belonging to a poor family; and her courage to stand firm in the hardships and continued struggle. She has been speaking out on behalf of these children with politicians, organizations and whoever she comes across. Her selfless struggle had indeed helped in the improvement of the lives of thousands of handicapped Children in her country.

Last Gen Chemi Youdon Lak introduced Ann Skelton from Africa who worked for more than twenty years of her life to change the lives of victims of apartheid. How she improved the lives of these children who were failed by the system. She dedicated all her life for them and advocated on behalf of them and encouraged them to speak for themselves.

Lives and service of these great women left our students spellbinding. After the assembly one of the teachers with help from school captains and prefects took the ballot box around the classes and students casted their vote voluntarily.

Tibet our Country (TOC) day observed in the schoolSaturday, 5th May

TOC day is held every year in the school in the month of May with a purpose of inculcating Tibetan values among our younger generation. The topic for the day is collectively decided by the Principal, Headmaster and the Class Teachers after a careful discussion. This year it was decided that the school will dedicate the day to honor the Martyrs of Tibet who immolated themselves for the cause of six million. Each class (V to X) was assigned three martyrs to work at. The students studied their life, their inspirations and sacrifices with the collaboration of their class teachers and prepared their presentations. On the appointed day, the students dressed themselves in their traditional dress and geared up for the day. The chief guest for the day was Mr. Tenzin Dorjee La of Peatoan School. News reporters from the Tibet Times and the VOA were also present on the occasion to witness the proceedings of the day.

The morning session begin with class presentations in the school hall. The classes sang patriotic songs composed by them and dedicated to the martyrs. Some classes recited poems and some expressed themselves in the form of dramatic enactment. Students also posted letters of appeal to Chinese president asking for immediate solution to the Tibet crises. The day also witnessed the release of school’s Tibetan newsletter in which the students penned down their opinions; expressing gratitude to the martyrs, under the coordination of Gyan Dorjee Tashi La of Tibetan department. In the afternoon session, an exhibition with the theme ‘Martyrs’ was held in the hall. The students had made pictures of the martyrs offering themselves to the fire. They also wrote short compositions and poem inspired by the selfless acts of the great patriot. And in the following week each class will make their presentation at the morning assembly. It was indeed a day dedicated to the great martyrs of Tibet. The students have worked really hard to make it a successful day and surely it has left a strong impression on the students.

Lower TCV School welcomes its new Principal-Mr. Chemey Lhundup LaTuesday, 1st May

With the transfer of Honorable Principal Mr. Choeying Dhondup La to TCV Chauntra, the school has a new Principal Mr. Chemey Lhundup La. Mr. Chemey Lhundup La is an ex-student of TCV. He has his BSc Bed from Delhi. Before his appointment as a Principal here in Lower TCV, he has served in a school in Ladakh from year 2001 to Dec. 2009. Later he joined TCV School Chauntra and served there as a Science Teacher from 2010 to April 2012.

In his address to the school, he acclaimed Lower TCV School for the great job it has done in educating the young Tibetans and producing outstanding results. He said that he would work hard to maintain the legacy of his predecessor. He asked students and staff to give their cooperation in giving our school a success story. He said that he is going to put all his efforts to realize the mission of TCV School. We wish our Principal, Mr. Chemi Lhundup La all the best as he starts his Principalship in Lower TCV School.

First ever language Lab installed in the schoolMonday, 30th April

English being our second language, it is very important that we expose ourselves to an environment in which everybody gets an equal opportunity to practice their listening and speaking of the language. And it is obvious that by immersing the students in such an environment, classroom learning could have a greater impact. With this view in mind, our Principal Mr. Choeing Dondup La pressed for a language lab in the school and before he left for TCV Chauntra, he had a language lab installed in the school and everybody welcomed it. The lab accommodates 34 students and a teacher. Students from class III to VIII are allotted with language classes. In the lab, students listen and speak on the topic intended by their teacher and they are especially excited and enthusiastic about it. Just now the lab has only audio facility and we hope to get visual facility very soon.

Junior English Elocution Held Friday, 27th April

The junior English Elocution was held in the evening in the school hall. It was convened by English Teacher Mrs. Tsewang Dolma La and Mr. Lobsang Dorjee La. Eight different sections from classes VI to VIII participated in it. Each class presented a speech, a poem and a dramatic enactment. The elocution was judged by Phurbu Chokpa la, Phuntsok Dolkar La and Lektsok La. And as a guest honor, the school had Mr. Tsewang RinzinLa, the President of TYC. After a careful observation of the students’ performance and delivery, it seemed as though they had worked hard. Almost all the participants did their part handsomely and hardly any rooms for mistakes were left. Out of these three sections of contest the dramatic enactment was the most interesting part. Students acted and delivered their dialogue to everyone’s delight.

At the end of the evening programme, Mr. Tsewang Rizin La gave a feedback. He said that he was highly impressed by this English Elocution contest and thought that students were pretty good with their English Language but he asked students to pay more interest in Tibetan Language without which Tibet as a nation would cease to be. Here is the names of the best elocutionist of 2012 English Elocution contest: Poetry section-Tenzin Dolkar of VII B Speech Section-Tenzin Dokar of VIIIB and Tenzin Tseyang of VIB Dramatic Section-Tenzin Khedup of VIIB Congratulations to the winners and keep it up!

Human Rights Situation in Tibet-Resource TalkWednesday, 25th April

Mr. Jampa Menlom, the Deputy Director of TCHRD (Tibetan centre for human rights and Democracy) visited our school in the evening of 25th April to enlighten our students on the topic ‘Human Rights Situation in Tibet’. Mr. Jampa Menlom began by asking students the significance of the day , 25th of April. A Lot of responss came from the students but one student said that it was the birthday of Penchen Lama Gyendun Cho Kyi Nyima and he was appreciated for giving the expected answer. The speaker said that it has been 17 years since the reincarnation of 10th Penchen Lama was abducted by the Chinese govt. and that this year he turns 23 and we still don’t have a clue of his whereabouts. The speaker described some of the fundamental human rights as declared by the universal declaration of human rights and how Tibetans are deprived of these rights. He narrated instances in which peaceful expression of Tibetans in the form of demonstration and protests were met by the Chinese brute force. The Chinese shoot at innocents Tibetans engaging in a peaceful demonstration and until now some 320 Tibetans were shot dead for their peaceful participation. Freedom from arbitrary arrest is something which Tibetan in Tibet could only fancy. There are around 831 Tibetans in prison just because they didn’t subscribe to the Chinese atrocities. Some of those Tibetans were lifted from their home at midnight without giving any reasons. And to add to it, just recently some 25 Tibetans were tortured to death and some were even driven to commit suicide.

The year after 2007, seven Tibetans were sentenced to death, twelve to life imprisonment and 350 or more with long term sentences for engagement and moreover because of Chinese suspicion towards the active Tibetans. One evening 3000 Tibetans were arrested in Lhasa for not having the so called legal documents to travel to Lhasa.It is an irony that the people of the land were required to travel in their own country. To become a monk or a nun is not an easy task for those who wanted to pursue a spiritual education. A budding monk or a nun has to fulfill certain conditions in favor of the Chinese govt. Tibetans doing exemplary social service are looked down with suspicion and the govt. conspires to bring their downfall. Under this conspiracy some 20 highly learned lamas are already suffering the Chinese cruelty and inhumanism. Forced resettlement of Tibetans in Chinese designed settlement is destroying the very livelihood and identity of Tibetans. Their self-sufficiency in meeting their daily requirement is being destroyed in this process of resettlement so as to make Tibetans completely dependent on the Chinese administration. As the speaker kept going with his narration, students had their ears on him. At the end a large number of students flocked to the stage to clarify their doubts.

Inter TCV BasketBall Tournament-LTCV Triumphant Sunday, 22nd April

Inter TCV staff basketball tournament was held in the school for the last two days that is 21st and 22nd of April. The tournament was designed by our school’s PT instructor, Mr. Tsering La so that students could be exposed to the game’s strategy and also to encourage cooperation, friendship and a sense of understanding among the staffs of the TCV. Today the competition culminated with the Lower TCV coming out victorious. Both the teams had tried really hard to defeat each other. Ultimately with some last minute shots, lower TCV won. There were some complains and nitpicks but it ended on a friendly note. A couple of years back a similar formatted game was organized at TCV Gopalpur to mark the 50th anniversary of TCV. and that timew the trophy was won by TCV Upper. TCV Lower had just one victory in their sleeves and was pretty disappointed. The teams that participated were staffs from TCV Suja, TCV Chauntra, TCV Upper, TCV Gopalpur and TCV lower. A student team from Lower TCV was also given an opportunity to participate but they didn’t really have much of a stand.

A Tibetan American Prof. talks to the teachers Tuesday, 17th April

Mr. Ngawang Phuntsok La, Ed. D, Associate Professor, California State University, Fullerton has come to India to do a research work on Tibetan Schools in India and he was asked by our Principal to share his knowledge with the teachers of the school and he obliged. He spoke on some of the topics like ‘education philosophy’ (Child centered education) ‘Discipline issues’ ‘Importance of lesson plan’ etc. He said that when the child centered education was first introduced, many teachers were averse to it. There were some teachers who thought that the method that they used were largely effective and met their expectations. But after they made themselves used to this new method of child centered education, they found greater engagement of the students in their studies and better result. So he recommended the teachers to get themselves used to it and they need to know what child centered education is. To address discipline issues in the school and classroom, he discouraged negative re-enforcement and encouraged positive re-enforcement. He also asked teachers to do classroom research with his or her daily observation. The teachers have to keep a note of daily happenings and experiences they face during the teaching and that it might come in handy for future references and use. He also asked teachers to talk slowly to better comprehend their instruction and lessons.

“Lesson plan is like a vessel. It’s wonderful to have a lesson plan. It helps to monitor our action”, the speaker said to the teachers. He shared his experience in which his teaching became very effective after he devised a properly thought lesson plan. He also asked the teachers to be careful with the choice of words in the classroom. To create a healthy learning atmosphere he said that teachers’ technique, teachers’ attitude and teachers’ implementation of lesson plays a great part.

Class IX and X at the Truind TopMonday, 9th April

Every year a jaunt to the hill top of Truind is organized by the school for the students of Class IX and X escorted by some teachers. The purpose of organizing such trip is to teach students self reliance and to inculcate love for nature and natural environment. Also this track to Truind is a part of our extra-curricular activity in which teachers grade students’ performance like their team work, ability to cope with adverse situations and they are in accordance with the CCE of CBSE. This year the date for this jaunt was set on 6th of April for the two sections of Class X and 7th of April for the two sections of class IX. A total of 134 students made it to Truind. Before they set off for the tracking, the school permitted them to make their preparation for the day. They had an afternoon outing, did their necessary shopping, borrowed sleeping bags, cooking pots and pans, camera, iPod, flesh light etc, and the school provided them with dry ration. In the morning at 3, the track was flagged off from the school after a short briefing by the concerned teachers. It was stressed that they should take responsibility for the garbage they produce on the hill top and to take care on the way. They took convenience from school until Dharamkot and from there they started their walk after taking their break-fast. It took around 2hours for those who walked fast to reach the top. Most of the students reached the destination within 3hours. There were some students who pledged that this was their first and last tracking experience.

As soon as they reached the hill top, they made fire to cook their lunch. Some clambered down the hill to fetch water for their team and those without stove went looking for wood for fuel. As soon as they cooked their meal, they offered it to their teachers. Most of the food cooked by the students had a very peculiar taste but the teachers appreciated their cooking skill and commented that there was still room for improvement. There were also some instances in which teachers had to offer their helping hand and tips to the students to light their stove and in cooking. Their visit to Illakha was the one they enjoyed most and had most fun. It was one and half hour walk up the hill of Truind. There they played in the snow, made snow man and took a lot of pictures. For some students, it was the first time they were getting to see some real snow and they had much fun. The nest day, after idling around for some time, students had their breakfast and lunch. And before they returned back to school, the students initiated a cleanliness drive on the Truind top. They collected all the wastes in the form of plastic bottles, disposable cups and plates, used tissues, wrappers and all forms of empty packets. In a nut shell, it seemed like students had a great learning experience as well as a real good time on the hill top; and some of the lesson that they learnt there will come in handy in their life ahead. This will be an experience which they will cherish and treasure for a long time to go.

Junior Tibetan Debate Friday, 6th April

Today in the evening at 7th period the students from class VI to VIII gathered in the school hall to witness junior Tibetan debate on the topic that “Common Exams helps in consolidating and developing of education.” The competition was held between the students from class VI to VIII. There were 12 participants who delivered their pieces of argument handsomely and logically and it was later followed by a question answer session.

The best individual speaker chosen unanimously by the panel of judges were as under Ist - Tsering Choeden from Class VIK IInd- Tenzin Tsephel from Class VIIIB IIIrd- Tenzin Yangkyi from Class VIIK&D Class wise position of the Junior Tibetan Debate 2012 First- Class VIIIB Second-Class VIIID&K Third- Class VIK

Mr. Lhakpa Dondup La was asked by the chairperson to give a feedback. He said in his feedback that students seemed have been spoon-fed by their teachers and that the questions which they asked their opponents were probably framed in classroom. He asked the participants to use their own words to express themselves so as to make others understand better. He said that he was well satisfied by the students performances as there were no such occasion in which they forgot their pieces at the podium. He appreciated the girls’ participation which outnumbered the boys. Principal Sir presented the awards to the winners and the participants.

Anniversary of Kangra Earth quake-1905, Earth Quake Drill Exercised Wednesday, 4th April 2012

DROP, COVER and HOLD ON- Today in the morning the headmaster made the announcement regarding the drill in the school hall, “During earth quake everybody should drop to the ground and take cover under a sturdy table or other piece of furniture, and hold on until the shaking stops”. He asked everybody to take the drill seriously and with proper presence of mind. At 11 in the morning the first bell signifying the earth quake was rung with students dropping to the ground, covering their head under the table. They held themselves there for some 60 seconds and with the ringing of the second bell rushed to the evacuation zone in an orderly manner. And to ascertain that no students were left behind in the class room, roll calls were taken and the rescue team of the school took a round of the class room.

It has been one hundred and seven years since Kangra valley was rocked by a major earthquake in 1905 that measured 7.8 on the Richter scale and killed more than 20,000 people. Apart from this most buildings in towns of Kangra, Macllo and Dharamshala were destroyed. Dharamshala being located on an earth quake prone area, it is very important that people living in this part of the country must be educated and trained to face such natural calamities mindfully in case it ever happens again. Therefore every year the disaster management of the region carries out mock drill in the school and institution under the watchful eyes of the disaster management committee. Because this drill is done every year, students have become well versed in the matter of precaution that should be taken in the time of crises and they responded well to this earth quake drill.

Newest building of the school inaugurated by a team from LuxemburgTuesday, 3rd April 2012

School’s newest building-the Lab Block which has been built under the generous funding and support from LES AMIS DU TIBET, LUXEMBURG was formally inaugurated today by a 12 member team from Luxemburg. Mrs. Lobsang Tsomo La from head office, Sponsorship Department escorted the team to Lower TCV. Mrs. Moniac Paillard, our prime coordinator, the lady who made this project possible couldn’t make her presence on the occasion. The school missed her and wished that she was here.

The new block now accommodates a Library, Science Laboratory, Computer Class and a resource room at the basement. The team who was here to inaugurate the building was highly impressed by the development. We are very thankful to all those who contributed and helped us in building this new block in place of the old one. Our prayers and good wishes are always with you for your generosity and kindness. We thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Spring Fete Saturday, 24th March 2012

Spring fete is one of the first major events of the school in which teachers, students and parents have a day charged with lots of fun and sumptuous food. The spring fete is organized in the school every year with the sole purpose of meeting the expenses of inter house sports and Cultural competition. This year the fete was held on 24th of March. Days before the fete, the school principal summoned the house teachers for a short briefing. After the distribution of the stalls and the games to be organized by the respective houses, the principal asked the teachers concerned with food stalls to be extra cautious with the food and its handling and to take all the necessary precautions.

The school wore a festive look on the day with the tents for the stalls surrounded by flags of different color, cheerful children and busy staff members with their helpers. The students were especially excited about the fun they were going to have. Many visitors turned up to enjoy the day. Parents who came had a great day with their children. The senior students offered a helping hand to their houses and worked really hard throughout the day to fulfill the purpose of the day. The day ended with a tombola game for two hours in the school hall.

Resource talk by Tibetan Justice Commissioner for Northern Region Thursday, 15th March 2012

Mr. Tenzin Lhundup, the Justice Commissioner of Northern Tibetan region in India paid a visit to our school. Mr Lhundup is an ex-student of TCV. He completed his +2 in TCV. He did his five years law course from Gwalior. After that he spent two years in Delhi studying human rights, served in CTA and was later appointed the justice commissioner of Northern Tibetan region under which includes 28 Tibetan settlements and Tibetans living elsewhere within Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh.

Mr. Tenzin Lhundup visited our school to enlighten students and staff on Tibetan judicial proceedings and how to file a case or appeal to the Tibetan judicial system and what privileges the poor or the weaker sections can enjoy to file their law suit. At the end of his address, a large number of students dashed to the stage to enquire their doubts regarding the matter. There were some students who asked if the Tibetan judiciary could handle cases that have to do with the murder or death of somebody. Mr. Speaker said, “Cases that don’t concern the law of the country can only be tried and that both parties should be of Tibetan nationality”. There were some questions in which students asked about how one could pursue study in law.

SCHOOL OPENING FUNCTIONThursday, 1st March 2012

The school was reopened on the first day of March 2012 with the presence of Mr.Tsering Kunphal lak , the admission in charge of all TCV schools, Head office, Dharmsala as a chief guest to flag off this year’s academic session. It was followed by two days orientation programme, the focus of which was mainly the teachings and the treatments of children in the school.

Parents Teachers Meeting
.The parents teachers Meeting was conducted after the function was over focusing on the boarder students. It was one of the most fruitful events of the day. The class-wise class teachers, the main subject teachers and the parents of their children participated in the meeting seeking the children’s academic improvements and ethical values to promote in them. They exchanged views of the children’s growth and reviewed the last year’s weak points altogether strengthening the current educational developments for this year.

ORIENTATION DAY ONE Tuesday, 28th March 2012

Objective-To remind Teachers and the Staff of their role and responsibilities to be taken in the school and to make new announcement for the new session

Today in the morning at 10:30, the Principal Sir held the first meeting of the session 2012 with the teachers in the staff room. In the meeting, the Principal and the Headmaster gave a hearty welcome to the teachers and reminded them of their role and responsibilities as a teacher and the mission of the TCV School. The most important announcement that the school principal made at the meeting was the complete prohibition of corporal punishment in the school as per the order of the head office. It was declared that the staffs found administrating corporal punishment to the student will be penalized and will be negatively marked in their efficiency bar.

To deal with the problem child, the teachers were asked to find alternatives to corporal punishment. They had a discussion within their committee and came up with many solutions and remedial measures which were later discussed in the afternoon meeting in the presence of the Principal and the Headmaster.

Orientation Day Two------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------29th February 2012

Gen Tenzin Sangpo lak (the Education Director) of TCV gave orientation to the teachers in the morning. He talked about the meetings held at different levels in TCV and the aims of these meetings which are mainly stressed on the goals of TCV. He mainly stressed on how to deal with students’ problem without giving them corporal punishments. Teachers asked questions to Gen Tenzin Sangpo Lak and he answered them which indeed helped teachers in overcoming the obstacles they face while dealing with students.

In the afternoon, Gen Karma Chugtak Lak (Director), of Sambota Tibetan Schools came and gave workshops to the teachers. He mainly talked about the aims of teaching and learning which is needed in present situation. He highlighted loopholes in the present education system and the outcomes of this. Besides he also talked about the responsibilities of teachers to fulfill the goals of schools and how a teacher should keep his attitude when he goes to teach in his class. He displayed all his talks with the help of slides on LCD project.

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